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Our History


St. Patrick School of Santo Domingo, an American-type English school, was founded on March 17th, 2005. One of our main objectives is to support and reinforce the guidelines of the education system in the Dominican Republic and to provide, through an American Curriculum, the education necessary to succeed in all areas of development. We focus on providing an integral, modern education for students starting in Preschool all the way through High School. 



Our commitment to high academic standards earned us accreditation by the Accrediting Commission International (ACI) and the Accrediting Commission International (ACI) accreditation and membership in the International Schools Association (ISA).


Motivated by the need to continue to promote the strong principles that are an intricate part of our educational beliefs, we decided to adopt the Catholic identity and include in our curriculum, specific subjects as well as special activities to promote the highest human values that frame our identity as a school: Integrity, Loyalty and Commitment. The school fulfills the standards of the North American Curriculum, supported by the Common Core Standards, and it follows the official programs, academic calendar, and requirements of the Ministry of Education in the Dominican Republic.


St. Patrick presents to the entire educational community a new Mission and Vision statement that incorporates an organization-wide focus on personal leadership and entrepreneurship, and with this core interest at heart, «La Verdadera Misión» was born, to forge and inspire enterprising leaders.


Taking further steps to ensure consistency and execution of our new Mission and Vision, we partnered with Franklin Covey International and adopted the program The Leader in Me, which has helped us in the creation of our leadership culture through the teachings of Stephen Covey’s famous book «The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People».

The implementation of this program covers all academic areas from K-12 and transversely permeates all our academic programs.

Also, in 2015, we inaugurated a new and spacious school campus for our Preschool, carried out the revision of the school’s curriculum, and started to build a new framework and development of a special Saint Patrick’s academic curriculum K-12, with the help of our Curriculum Advisor, Mrs. Linda Law, in which all new teaching methodologies for the four areas: Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies were revised and updated, with the introduction of new textbooks, skills, and teaching tools for all classes.


With the arrival of the pandemic, the educational system changed, and in
in February 2021, we partnered with the Maecenas/Didáctica Foundation, with whom we created a brand new technological-pedagogical strategic plan for the years 2021-2024, that impacts all our school programs and systems.

This alliance includes the accompaniment and training of the school faculty, to ensure the use of technology and digital teaching methodologies to enrich our academic curriculum.

In June 2021, we finally obtained international accreditation from Cognia.


15 Years of St. Patrick School