“The most important function of education at any level is to develop the personality of the individual and the significance of his life to himself and to others.” – Grayson Kirk
Make Someone Happy is a social action program created by St. Patrick School in 2007. It arises from the need to create an educational community commitment with our society’s most unfortunate ones.
Through this program we create proactive leaders on behalf of our community and at the same time we ‘make someone happy’ as our motto claims. As a committed institution that is interested in collaborating towards our society’s well-being, we developed this program which carries out a series of activities to raise funds throughout the school year with a specific goal.


To create awareness in our educational community about the importance of collaborating for the needs of others and to make someone happy.


  • Get every member of the community involved in one same cause.
  • Contribute to society’s needs. Promote team work that aims for the same goal.
  • Emphasize human value in each one of our members.
  • Establish a link among our students and the needed ones creating social affecting bond between the community and the beneficiaries of the MSH program spreading the idea of social responsibility.
  • Promote in our young community members the interest and humanitarian spirit giving them the opportunity to create their leadership and management activities.