St. Patrick School of Santo Domingo is characterized by having a continuous communication between parents, students and school staff and administration.

The FLT is a non-profit entity that works independently in favor of the students for the improvement of the institution. It also serves as the spokesperson for the whole education community.  The Family Lighthouse Team has the main role of maintaining a strong connection between school and home and supports our school’s leadership initiative.

Is integrated by the parents who volunteer in the first parents’ meeting. Welcoming of the year takes place during the first weeks of the school year with the purpose of recruiting the delegate parents for each grade level. The school then arranges a second meeting with the parents, to choose the ones that will be members of the Parents Association.


  • To motivate cooperation among parents and teachers as a way to improve education of students in all dimensions.
  • To represent before school authorities, the education interests that may be common.
  • To resolve concerns that might arise among families, in regards to the education process.
  • To collaborate with the school community’s well-being.
  • To collaborate with the procedures of the education process.
  • To advise the board on policy matters and recommend changes and improvement in the SPS program.


  • To support extracurricular activities.
  • To collect funds from volunteer contributors.
  • To encourage a close relationship between teachers, students and parents for the benefit of the education process of the students.


Research clearly shows that when parents are involved in their child’s education, the child does better academically, socio-emotionally and physically. By involvement we mean preparing their child for school ready to learn, reinforcing learning at home and being a part of the decision-making process affecting children.
At St. Patrick School everyone works to establish strong bonds of communication between parents and the school; therefore, dynamic and effective parental involvement in school life is required by every individual parent. Parental involvement includes:
  • Attendance and/or active participation at school functions and school related activities.
  • Attendance at a minimum of three parent-teacher conference a year.
  • Family financial support of school fundraising activities.
  • The acknowledgement of all communications sent home.


If you are a parent at St. Patrick School, then you are already a member of the Parents Association, Partners in Education. However, the school is always looking for active members who are ready to volunteer. Regardless of what your exact interest are, you can be certain that your participation will be welcomed. The Parents Association is not just for moms! Dads also play active roles as volunteers and take on leadership roles in the organization. Even if you don’t have much time, attending the Parents Association meetings is an excellent way to stay updated of what’s happening at the school and to connect with other parents and school authorities and members.

We encourage all families to join the journey of collaboration and positive engagement. Stay tuned for updates, initiatives, and exciting events that our Family Lighthouse Team will be sharing. Your participation is invaluable in creating a thriving and connected school community!


If you wish to volunteer, contact the school principal, who will gladly tell you about your options and provide you with the necessary contact information.