The school campus is designed to facilitate the school’s instructional and extracurricular program. We count with 2 buildings attractively landscaped with big ventilated and illuminated classroom.  The Main Campus for grades 3rd – 12th and the Early Childhood Campus, from Nido to 2nd grade. 

The School has two sports courts, one designed for soccer and another one for basketball and volleyball, with stands for the spectators.  

We also have 2 completely equipped STEAM Labs for Elementary – High school students

Main Campus (2nd - 12th grade)

Early Childhood Campus (Nido - 1st grade)


Our two school campuses are strategically located between two main avenues of Santo Domingo; relatively close to the residences of most of our students, which is undoubtedly a blessing. 

This location, in turn, calls us to create and apply good citizenship values and skills that allow us to contribute to the flow of automobiles, for the good of our school and our surrounding community.

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