The school campus is designed to facilitate the school’s instructional and extracurricular program. The school is developed in a 3,500 m2 field. We count with 3 buildings attractively landscaped with big ventilated and illuminated classroom with standards sizes of approximately 20 x 20. Each classroom is equipped with the necessary amount of shelves for all materials to be properly organized and accessible to students. White boards, comfortable desks and chairs, good illumination, air conditioners, meeting area or rug, computers, and enough space to display students work.
We have 1 Science lab equipped with all materials required by the school program as well as individual Science kits for grades (1st -6th). The School has two sports court one designed for football and another one for basketball, with stands for the spectators.
The physical facilities also include a library available for students and staff with sufficient space to accommodate 15% of our membership at once. It is equipped with proper shelving system and we count with the assistance of a trained librarian.
We also have 2 completely equipped computer rooms one for elementary and another one for middle school and high school with enough computers to hold a complete section of students at a time. The sports areas are divided into two multi-use courts where soccer, basketball, volleyball and physical education classes take place.