St. Patrick School promotes and enforces students to act according to the following profile:
  • AUTONOMY:  Capacity to be in charge of their own learning process.
  • ASSERTIVE COMMUNICATION: Ability to express their ideas, opinions, and thoughts in an effective and timely manner.
  • CRITICAL THINKING:  Analyze, reason, evaluate and develop your own conclusions. 
  • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE:  Proper management of their emotions and ability to recognize those of others. Ability to manage changes.
  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Promoter of new development strategies. A vision of the future to transform ideas that satisfy a need. 
  • GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP: Ability to measure the impact of individual actions in the world, and how we compete globally. 
  • INNOVATION:  Ability to reinvent yourself. 
  • LEADERSHIP:  Way of life that inspires and helps others to find their own voice.
  • LIFELONG LEARNER: Commitment to continuous learning to stay relevant in a world that is constantly changing.
  • SOCIAL & ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITMENT: Raise awareness about their role within society and the impact of their actions on the environment.